By Olivia Haas

One of my favorite things about painting is the time spent with people.  Likewise, with music it is so much fun to come together and collaborate with friends that have different strengths than I do and see the creativity flow. 

I always prefer painting with people rather than by myself because it’s the company and the conversations I really love.   When I first started painting, I would go to my friend Sarah’s house each week. Sarah is an incredible artist and an amazing person. She is so tender and kind. When I would come over, she would make me the most delicious tea and we would sit in her beautiful house filled with giant wall sized paintings or out in the field of the property.

Over the years, I’ve loved inviting friends into my house to paint with me and the conversations we’ve had during those times are some of my favorite.  Often times I’ll light a candle, make some coffee or tea, and put on some good music.  So I want to encourage you to set apart some time to create with a friend.

I know in the busyness of life this can be hard to do, but I do believe it is valuable and time well spent.  You don’t have to be an artist to do this. There is a difference between an artist and having creativity. An artist has finely honed and developed their craft. Few people might be called to be an artist but everyone has creativity.

We are made in the image of the Creator. Even if you do not feel creative, give yourself grace and enjoy the time spent and conversations of sitting with a friend painting or drawing together. You might surprise yourself at what opens up in you as you step out in creativity.

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